Duminda's Brother Rayynor Silva To Enter Politics

Managing Director of ABC Media Network and brother of Parliamentarian Duminda Silva, Rayynor Silva would soon enter politics, UPFA sources told 'Asian Mirror'. 

A special discussion in this regard was held recently when President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited Duminda Silva's house. It is reported that President Rajapaksa has given the green light to Rayynor Silva to enter 'active politics' from the ruling camp. 
A successful businessman, Rayynor Silva started his career as an Executive Officer of MTV/MBC Media network. He later went on to be the proprietor of ABC Media Network which owns several radio stations and a TV station. 
UPFA sources told 'Asian Mirror' that Rayynor Silva would probably contest as a UPFA candidate at the next Parliamentary election. However, it is still not clear whether Rayynor Silva would contest from the district of Colombo where his brother, Duminda Silva, is also a Parliamentarian. 
A few months ago, there were speculations that Rayynor Silva would contest the Western Provincial Council election from the ruling time. Although it was in the grapevine that he would announce his candidacy after the dissolution of the Provincial Council, the plan did not materialize in the end. 
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