Watareka Vijitha Thera To Be Examined By Psychiatrist

Convener of the Jathika Bala Sena Watareka Vijitha Thera will be examined by a psychiatrist today to ascertain whether his mental condition is sound. 

Vijitha Thera, who was found unconscious near the Hirana bridge in Panadura with his arms and legs tied, is still undergoing treatment at the Colombo National Hospital. Police concluded that the monk, who is known as a rival of the Bodu Bala Sena, had attempted to circumcise himself. 
Police also stated that it would take legal action against the Buddhist monk for making false statements about an attempted kidnap. 
Although Police claim that Vijitha Thera's injuries are self-inflicted, he has not made any statement on the matter so far. Although a vernacular newspaper had attempted to get a comment from Vijitha thera yesterday, he had refused to talk on the matter. 
However, doctors who are treating Vijitha Thera have referred him to a psychiatrist to obtain a report in his mental condition. 
Watareka Vijitha Thera was granted nomination by the ruling party, the UPFA, to contest the local government election for Mahinyangana Pradeshiya Sabha and he got elected as a member of the PS.
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