'Aluthgama Hate-mongers Should Be Prosecuted Under Penal Code'

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka - which was set up to safeguard the rule of law and democratic values in the country - has unanimously condemned the inaction of the authorities and the Police in apprehending those who were responsible for making inflammatory statements causing communal and religious disharmony among communities in the country.

The BASL stated that this same inaction resulted  in the carnage that took place in Beruwela and Aluthgama commencing on June 15.

The BASL has taken this decision at its Bar Council meeting which was held yesterday. The BASL had also criticized the Attorney General’s role on the grounds that he had not taken any measures to control this situation, under under Section 393(1)(b) and Section 6 of the Code of Criminal Procedure in the exercise of powers and duties vested in the country’s Attorney General.

The BASL had specifically urged that steps be taken to prosecute those who are responsible for the commission of offences under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and the Penal code.

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