Mohomad Muzammil Further Remanded Till July 13

National Freedom Front Spokeman Mohomad Muzammil was further remanded till July 13 by Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne over the alleged misuse of a Presidential Secretary vehicle.

Muzammil's lawyers filed a written bail application on behalf of him today. It is expected to be considered on the next day of hearing.

Muzammil is said to have misappropriated Rs 6.2 million as rent for a vehicle from the State Engineering Corporation.

Accordingly, he has been given a vehicle rented by the Presidential Secretariat while he was an MP. The Secretariat has paid the rent.

After his defeat in the 2010 General Election, Muzammil was appointed as a Working Director of the State Engineering Corporation.

He had allegedly informed the Corporation that the vehicle he used was his official vehicle and had accepted its rent from the corporation. The money was allegedly transferred to an account of his wife.

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