EXCLUSIVE: ICJ Changes US Resolution On SL - Stronger Terms Against Intimidation Of Judiciary

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), an international non-governmental organization working on the observance of the rule of law and human rights, has intervened to change the draft US resolution on Sri Lanka and to include stronger terms with regard to judicial independence and intimidation of judiciary in Sri Lanka.

 A special meeting in this regard had been held on March 07 with the participation of key representatives of the ICJ and other stakeholders of the matter. They had unanimously agreed that the draft resolution should be changed in the direction of ensuring judicial independence in Sri Lanka.

They had then contacted representatives from the US, Britain, Montenegro, Macedonia and Mauritius who sponsored the resolution against Sri Lanka. Asian Mirror reliably learns that the five nations have agreed to change the resolution based on the ICJ representations.

A spokesman of the ICJ on the condition of anonymity told ‘Asian Mirror’ that the impeachment process against the former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka came under strong criticism from the representatives of the ICJ. In addition to that, the ICJ representatives have raised concerns over the instances where political decisions have infringed on the judicial independence

 Sources from Geneva said that the draft resolution will undergo several changes over the next three week before its vote.

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