Prime Minister Gives Jumbled History Lesson On King Parakramabahu

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, in an attempt to discredit the 'Joint Opposition' gave a jumbled history lesson on King Parakramabahu.

Speaking at an event in Polonnaruwa, he said that the 'Joint Opposition' is trying to undermine all the good work done by the government.

Even king Parakramabhu had to face similar challenges, the Prime Minister said. "He sent troops to India and to Ramagngna (in Burma). He created a strong nation in the Bay of Bengal area. After doing all that he had to face an uprising by Queen Sugala from Hambantota" he said.

However, according to the Chronicles, king Parakramabahu and Queen Sugala's son Manabharana were rulers of two separate regions, Maya Rata and Ruhuna respectively. Parakramabahu conquered Rajarata and invaded the Ruhuna in his attempt to unite the country. The invasions of Ramagngna and India came more than a decade after Sugala was defeated and the country was united.

Furthermore, the campaign to invade India ended in a debacle, as per the chronicles of South India.

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