Muslim girls at Janadipathi Balika Vidyalaya Forced To Remove Attire And Worship Principal

Two Muslim girls who had attended the school in accordance with the Education Ministry Circular, and subsequent orders of the Supreme Court which permit Muslim girls to attend school in a trouser and shawl, were made to undress their attire and forced to worship the Principal on March 3, the Asian Mirror learns.

 One of the girls had suffered psychological trauma and not attended school following the incident.

Earlier, the Principal had allegedly banned parenst and students attired in tradition muslim attire from entering the school premises. In this backdrop several parents had complained to the Western Province Governors office.
On February 25th, officials at the Governors office had assured the parents that the students could attend the school in their chosen attire.
It was after this assurance that the two students had attended the school last Monday attired in the shawl and trousers.
The class teacher of one of the students had then reportedly informed the Principal of the 'indiscretion'. The Principal had then asked the girls " is your mother the Principal of the school or me?" and asked the girls to worship her, after they were ordered to undress.
When one of the girls had been reluctant citing religious beliefs, the Principal had allegedly forced her to worhsip her outside the office of the Vice Principal, it is learnt.

The Graded Principals Union General Secretary S.U. Kariyawasam alleged that principals unfit for position have been appointed to fill vacancies in state run schools including that of Janadipathi Balika Vidyalaya, Nawala, who earlier asked two muslim girls to undress themselves of the trouser and shawl and worship the Principal.

The parents of the student have complained to the Human RIghts Commission and the National Child Protection Authourity but have not yet heard from the two bodies, yet, the Asian Mirror learns.

The Union alleged that the Principal of the school Nayana Thakshila Perera was a grade 3 Principal whereas the school was a Grade 1 school and required a qualified Principal to be appointed.

The Secretary Alleged that she was recruited despite there being many other qualified applicants to the post.




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