Pizza Hut Sri Lanka Fails To Disclose 'Actions' On Derogatory Bill

Pizza Hut Sri Lanka, the company which found itself in hot waters after issuing a derogatory bill to a customer, has failed to disclose the "actions" that have been taken against those who are responsible for the issuance of the bill.

Pizza Hut Sri Lanka earlier said that they have carried out an investigation and taken the necessary action to the incident where the Pizza Hut Maharagama outlet has issued a derogatory bill to a customer.

When asked by Asian Mirror about the progress of the investigation  Pizza Hut Sri Lanka today said ," an investigation has been carried out and necessary action has been taken. We have nothing further to comment on this. "

However, the company failed to disclose the "actions" that have been taken against those who are responsible!

This mishap occurred when The Pizza Hut outlet in Maharagama made a colossal error by issuing a bill on which the customer’s name appears as Mr. F***** (a derogatory term in English). This blunder caused the customer great embarrassment when his colleagues noticed the insulting customer name.

The initial complaint was lodged by the customer D. Shirantha Perera of Pannipitiya., who has sent a letter to Gamma Pizzakraft (Lanka) Pvt Limited, the company which operates Pizza Hut in Sri Lanka expressing his displeasure.

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