'Dasa Mudalali' No More

Famous businessman and entrepreneur S.D Gunadasa, who is widely known as 'Dasa Mudalali', has passed away yesterday evening.

'Dasa Mudalali' was the inventor of Super Market concept in Sri Lanka and was a staunch supporter of former prime minister the late Sirimavo Bandaranaike.

After prominent Super Market chains gained ground in the Sri Lankan market after the open economic policy introduced by J R Jayawardena in 1977,'Dasa Mudalali' lost control over the Super Market concept in Sri Lanka.

He was 83 at the time of death and was a father to 10 children.

He began his career in business as a pavement hawker. He would display such sundry items as shirts, vests etc earning a meager income. But, even at that early stage his mind was methodical, which lead him to become a successful businessman well known around the world

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