Gnanasara Thera Warned By Colombo Fort Magistrate

BBS General Secretary Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera was warned by the Colombo Fort Magistrate today over the incident where he allegedly insulted Attorney Maithri Gunaratne who appeared in the case with regard to the controversy which took place at Hotel Nippon. 
After the last hearing of the case, Gnanasara Thera had allegedly called Gunaratne a "dog" on the grounds that he appeared on behalf of the other party. Gunaratne lodged a complaint at the Slave Island Police soon after the incident. 
When the case was taken up for hearing this morning, Colombo Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage warned Gnanasara Thera over the incident, saying lawyers are serving the court of law and they should not be blamed for discharging their duties. 
The Colombo Crime Division (CCD) today informed the court that footage of Gnanasara Thera's speech has been handed over to the Director General of Muslim Religious Affairs to ascertain whether his speech contained derogatory remarks on Quran. 
However, speaking to media at the Colombo Magistrate Courts premises, Gnanasara Thera said today that he would continue his struggle against "Quran", regardless of its repercussions. 
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