Several Joint Opposition MPs 'To Defect To Government'

Several SLFP MPs of the 'Joint Opposition' are likely to join the government following the SLFP party convention today, political sources say.

These SLFP MPs have been disillusioned by the manner in which certain non-SLFP MPs of the 'Joint Opposition' have referred to the 'Bandaranaike Principles'.

Most notable of these comments was the one made by Pivithuru Hela Urumaya General Secretary Udaya Gammanpila that 'Bandaranaike principle' was to break away from a party if the party was acting in an unpatriotic manner.

SLFP MPs of the 'Joint Opposition' are also not taking a uniform view on the issue of forming a new party.

Several 'Joint Opposition' SLFP MPs have remained in party organizer posts despite many of them being removed or deciding to resign.

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