S.B. Dissanayake Makes Derogatory And Sexist Remark On Navi Pillay’s “Back”

Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayake has made a sexist and derogatory  remark over UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay and her report to the UN Human Rights Council Session over Sri Lanka’s human rights track record.

“Both China and Russia have taken a strong position on Sri Lanka’s matter. They will never allow international action against Sri Lanka. When China and Russia raise objection over the report at the UN Security Council, Navi Pillay will have to roll her report put it in her back,” the Higher Education Minister of Sri Lanka had said addressing a SLFP meeting in Uva-Paranagama.

Dissanayake has dubbed members of the international inquiry panel of Sri Lanka as “outcasts” (kalakanni – a derogatory term in Sinhala). He had added that the Parliament would never allow them to set foot in Sri Lanka.

Dissanayake was jailed nine years ago by the Supreme Court over a derogatory remark he made over the country’s judiciary. Dissanayake served two years of rigorous imprisonment for contempt of court for a speech he made critical of the judges.

Last year, when the UN Human Rights Chief visited Sri Lanka, Mervyn Silva, another cabinet minister of the government, publicly proposed to marry her. It was later revealed that the top echelons of the government had to apologize from Navi Pillay over Minister Mervyn Silva’s statement.



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