TNA MPs Discuss Land Issues With Ramaphosa

The Tamil National Alliance has reiterated that the acquisition of lands by the SL army in the North should be stopped immediately as the first step in the direction of reconciliation.

The TNA has made this remark at the meeting with South African envoy to Sri Lanka Cyril Ramaphosa on the post-war situation in the North East.

Speaking to Asian Mirror, TNA spokesperson Suresh Premachandran said that the Sri Lankan government should first handover the land that the army has occupied in the Northern province.

" The main livelihood of the people in North East is farming. But after the war Sri Lankan army has occupied this land preventing them from resettling in. Before talking about 'reconciliation' there should be a 're-establishment' for the thousands affected by war", he said.

However Premachandran also stated that Cyril Ramaphosa has agreed to provide assistance towards a political settlement, at which point a reconciliation can take effect.

The South African envoy to Sri Lanka Cyril Ramaphosa has met with President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday who has welcomed Ramaphosa on behalf of the government. 

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