Bharatha Lakshman Murder: Facebook Pages Of Convicts Updated While In Prison, Says Hirunika

September 23, 2016

Hirunika Premachandra has raised the question as to how a the Facebook Pages of two convicts are being updated after they were sentenced to death for the murder of her father.

Through her Facebook page, Premachandra asks how the Facebook pages of convicts are updated while they are in prison.

“Without laptops or smartphones how do they access Facebook?” Premachandra asked. She also raises the possibility that someone else might be updating the pages from outside. However, a proper investigation has to be carried out on the matter, she added.

The convicts, SF Bandara and Dematagoda Chaminda, have updated their Facebook accounts, after the conviction she said. SF Bandara has updated Facebook since 12th September. Meanwhile Dematagoda Chaminda was also active in Facebook as ‘Chami Akash’. According to Hirunika Premachandra's post it has been activated since 21st September. 

Meanwhile, Duminda Silva’s account was reactivated by his sisters few days back.

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