Sri Lanka Recognized As "Transit Point" For Indian Heroin

Indian authorities have now recognized Sri Lanka as part of a new "heroin chain" involving India and Bangladesh.

India, according to reports,  has become one of the key distributors of Heroin to a majority of Asia, mainly including Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Research done by various related organizations state that the reason for this is that Indian Heroin is the cheapest of the lot. Not only neighbors such as Sri Lanka but also faraway countries such as United States is said to acquire Indian Heroin.

The United Nation's Drug Report of 2014 says that " Heroin originating from India also reaches other countries in South Asia such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, although the flow to Sri Lanka has reportedly declined, and both those countries have long indicated South - West Asia as being among the sources for Heroin reaching their territory."

However while low grade heroin produced by diluting pure uncut Heroin is routed within the Indian local market, a more developed and high grade, quality Heroin is being distributed to the foreign market.      

According to the Sri Lankan police heroin has been mainly entering the country via Pakistan. Over the past decade Sri Lanka has been used as a transit point for heroin from South West Asia and India to other destinations outside the subcontinent. However. the Sri Lankan law enforcement authorities embarked on a new mission recently to dismantle international heroin channels coming into the country. 

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