Government Justifies Increased Expenditure For President (See Details)

The government today justified the increased expenditure for the President through the 2017 budget, saying that it occurred due to added responsibilities and expenses coming from the Rajapaksa era.

State Finance Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena said that Rs 2,500 million is allocated for national programmes on food production, environment conservation, drug prevention, kidney disease prevention and co-ordination of Pubudamu Polonnaruwa which have come under the President's office.

In addition Rs 800 million is allocated for National Agribusiness Council which is transferred to the President's Office, he said.

Abeywardena added that Rs 30 million is allocated for the facilitation of former Presidents. Meanwhile Rs 120 million is allocated for the lease rentals of vehicles which had been leased out before 2015, he said.

Most of the increase of expenditure falls under capital expenditure, and not recurrent expenditure.

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