Nimal Siripala Wants "Mustard Seeds" From An Unemployed Graduate

Minister Nimal Sirpala de Silva has challenged the opposition to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a house where there is a graduate without a job. 

Speaking at a public event in Badulla, the Minister said the government gave jobs to each and every graduate who passed out from universities. "As a result," the Minister said, "unemployed graduates have now become a rarity."
"Lord Buddha asked Kisa Gotami to bring a handful of mustard from a house where a death had not occurred. In the same way, now we have to ask the opposition to bring a handful of mustard from a house where there is an unemployed graduate. That is how we resolved the issue of unemployed graduates" the Minister said.
He also added that due to the pragmatic approach of the government the opposition has run out of "slogans". 
Commenting on the Minister's remark, a JVP Parliamentarian told Asian Mirror that Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva was quite famous for his farcical statements. 
"This shows nothing but the level of intelligence of the senior ministers of this government. Everyone knows that there are thousands of graduates who do not have jobs. Even the graduates who received jobs under the present government get only a measly pay and they do not have a proper job role. It is in this contest that the Minister makes this statement," the Parliamentarian told Asian Mirror.
"There is no point in presenting statistics on this matter as the people who pretend to be asleep can never be awakened," the JVP Parliamentarian said. 
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