Vaiko Urges Modi To Ensure SL Tamils' Wellbeing

Deploring the status of minority Tamils in Sri Lanka, NDA constituent MDMK on Tuesday urged the Modi government to take 'appropriate steps' to ensure their well-being and opposed deepening commercial and economic relations between India and Sri Lanka. 

Vaiko in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs had reportedly justified India abstaining from voting on a Lanka specific motion at the UN Human Rights Council in March this year on a Lanka specific motion. 

Vaiko said the UPA government had provided 'logistic military support' to Sri Lanka in the last leg of civil war between that army and rebel LTTE which witnessed heavy Tamil civilian casualty. 

At the end of the three decade long civil war, Vaiko accused the Sri Lankan government of commiting war crimes in the North and says that the Rajapaksa government have ignored the civil rights of the Sri Lankan Tamil community.

Writing to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to he has said, "But, adding insult to the injury, news have appeared that commercial and economic relationship between the two countries (are) to be enhanced and one of the largest apparel companies of Sri Lanka is going to invest one billion dollar in SEZ at Visakhapatnam,"

Vaiko recalled Tamil Nadu Assembly's adoption of unanimous resolution to impose economic sanctions against Sri Lanka. 

In this letter Vaiko has also stated that the Sri Lankan Army had claimed the lands from the Tamil people of the Northern province and with that the army has interfered with their livelihood.

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