'People Who Misuse Religion Are Savages'- Faizer Mustapha

Deputy Minister of Investment Promotions Faizer Mustapha making a statement at a gathering stated that there are extremist forces within the country who are driving the country towards another civil war.

'Do not use your relegion and race to discreminate another, do not use relegion as a tool to create a platform for spreading extremism and racism to the Sri Lankan community', he said.

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The Deputy Minister also said that if a person uses his or her relegion in an offensive way they are no better than savages. Adding to that he also said, ' true patriotism never comes by degrading or insulting another human being, there is no homour in preaching relegion while practicing violence.'

Faizer Mustapha retorted the extremist groups by asking where they were during the three decades of civil war, and where their patriotism was when the country was terrorised by the LTTE.

He claims what the country needs now are politicians who are willing to look beyond the parameters of political campaigning  and willing to put their duty and the rights of the people before their personal gains.

He added that when it comes to coexistence, the Sinhala nation is second to no other and that he wish to see this country flourish in harmony.

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