UNP MPs Prevented From Entering Sapugaskanda Refinery!

A tense situation occurred in front of the Sapugaskanda oil refinery a short while ago when the UNP MPs who visited the refinery were hindered by a group of CPC employees. 

The CPC employees, who belong to a trade union, were protesting against the fact finding mission by the group of UNP MPs, who were headed by Parliamentarian Ajith P Perera. 
UNP Parliamentarian Harsha de Silva, who was at the location, tweeted, "MPs are turning back as we are unable to enter the CPC refinery. Hundreds of goons protected by the Police blocked the entrance."
He also said that the MPs were stopped at the gate of the refinery and Police officers acted like mere onlookers. Another UNP MP, who spoke to Asian Mirror said, the incident was pre-planned and the goons were fully prepared to hinder the UNP delegation.
Before visiting the oil refinery premises, the UNP MPs also had a discussions with the Chairman of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation. during the meeting, the CPC Chairman urged the UNP MPs to cancel the visit as certain trade unions did not want the MPs to enter the refinery.
The UNP MPs conducted the fact finding mission to look into the issues pertaining to Sapugaskanda oil refinery which was closed down in the recent past on a number of occasions. 
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