Burqa In Examination Hall: 16 Students Refuse To Remove Veil, Leading To Tense Situation

A heated debate erupted at the St Mary Examination Centre in Nawalapitiya as 16 students were not permitted to enter the examination hall by the Chief Officer in Charge as they had refused to remove their veils.

The parents of the students claim that their children were not able to sit to the exam properly as they were ordered to remove the veil, which caused them mental distress. This incident took place on December 7.

The parents had even complained to the Minister of Education.

However, the Gampola Zonal Education Director arrived at the scene and took steps to resolve the matter. In his view, the officials had acted in the correct manner and the parents had made a huge disturbance on the basis of the 'culture.' There should be a manner in which the officials could ascertain if the student who is sitting for the exam is the same person in the ID, the Director said.

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