Tangalle PS Chairman Can Walk Out A Free Man In Twelve Years!

The Prisons Department has stated that the former Chairman of Tangalle Prdeshiya Sabha-  who is presently undergoing a twenty year imprisonment- can walk out a free man in 12 and a half years according to the ranking system that is applicable to prisoners.

The Department told media that a person who is assigned a sentence of 20 years of rigorous imprisonment can reduce their sentence to 12 years and nine months due to good behavior.

The Department also explained that a person who has been sentenced with a one year sentence can get their sentence reduced to eight months and six days due to good behavior. Therefore, the Tangalle PS Chairman who is facing 20 years in prison has a chance to get his sentence reduced to 12 years and nine months.

Sampath Chandrapushpa Vidhanapathirana the former Tangalle PS Chairman was imprisoned with the offense of first degree murder of NGO worker Khuram Shaikh and gang raping his girlfriend Victoria, by the Colombo magistrate.

In addition to this an investigation has been started regarding the five prison authorities who had allegedly shielded the accused Tangalle Chairman from the media while escorting him back to the prison from court.

Prisons Commissioner C Pallegama said to media that the authorities had no right to commit such an act and that an immediate investigation will be started regarding the matter.

Media personnel who were present at the scene complained that the authorities have removed their headgear and had used them as a shield to cover the video cameras.

Pallegama further ensured that necessary action will be taken towards the authorities with the offense of interfering media.

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