11 Year Old Tamil Girl Allegedly Raped By Navy Personnel

Reports coming in from the Police state that an 11-year-old Tamil girl has accused a Sri Lankan naval personnel of rape.

Speaking to media,Police spokesperson Ajith Rohana said that the child has claimed she was "molested by a person at the navy detachment" from Krai Nagar, the site of Sri Lanka's main naval base in Jaffna.

Rohana said that the girl was not able to identify a proper attacker so the seven navy personnel who were arrested on scene were released.

Residents in the area have told to media that they witnessed the girl being taken into a building occupied by the navy multiple times.

The naval base is within the area where the majority Sri Lankans fought a 26-year civil war with Tamil separatists. Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said the alleged attack showed the security forces still based in the area were not protecting residents.

Making a statement regarding the issue, navy spokesperson Kosala Wanrnakulasuriya said that while assisting the police investigation a separate internal investigation will be launched to the matter and will provide full disclosure to the situation.

“The women in the area are scared to come out of their houses, is this protection that the Sri Lankan forces offer to the citizen?” TNA spokesperson Suresh Premachandran said while commenting on the incident.

This is the second reported incident of such in recent times and the TNA and other Tamil organizations have demanded stern action to be taken regarding the matter.

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