Sri Lanka - Vietnam Transnational Crime Cooperation To Counter Terrorism

Vietnam is keen to intensify cooperation with Sri Lankda in the fight against terrorism and transnational crimes, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.

Standing Deputy Minister of Public Security Lt. Gen. Dang Van Hieu told Sri Lanka's Secretary to Ministry of Law and Order Nanda Mallawaarachchi on Monday his country hoped to work together with Sri Lanka to combat crimes in e-commerce, drugs and human trafficking, and money laundering.

"The Vietnamese government appreciates Sri Lanka's willingness to share information on the operations of international terrorists and transnational organised criminals," said Hieu.

Hieu hoped to see the realisation of agreements signed earlier with the facilitation of officials' visits to each other's countries.

The official proposed that a biennial ministerial conference on security be continued and training in firefighting, search and rescue and anti-terrorism be launched soon.

Nanda Mallawaarachchi on his part expressed hope that ties between the two ministries would develop to a higher level.



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