'Disappearances Activist Will Come Under Judicial Scrutiny' - GL

Foreign Minster Prof. G.L. Peiris, responding to a query during a meeting of Commonwealth Foreign Ministers in London, said it was very wrong to draw conclusions about the arrest of disappearances campaigner Jeyakumari and her daughter before facts are established.

 "People were arrested yesterday. We have to examine the evidence, the grounds on which it was done. That will happen in due course. There is judicial scrutiny. I think it is very wrong to come to a conclusion before the facts are looked at objectively and in depth," the Sri Lankan foreign Minister said.

Police arrested a widow named Balendra Jeyakumari and her thirteen-year-old daughter Vidushika from Dharmapuram in Kilinochchi  on Thursday.The police claimed that gunshots were heard in the vicinity of their house. They also said that armed people appeared to have taken shelter in Jeyakumari’s house.

Jeyakumari, according to reports, had three sons and one daughter. The eldest was shot dead by unknown gunmen during the war. Her second son died during the latter stages of the war. Her third son, the youngest, Mahindan appears to have been forcibly conscripted as a 15-year-old child soldier by the LTTE in the final stages of the war.

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