Thawheed Jamaath Seeks Foreign Support To Protect Muslims Of Sri Lanka

Thawheed Jamaath,  a hardcore Muslim organization operating in Sri Lanka, has told international media that they need the support of Muslim countries in the World to protect the Muslims living in Sri Lanka.

Speaking to Aljazeera news channel a few days ago, a leader of the Thawheed Jamaath organization had indicated they were no longer in a position to rely on the Sri Lankan government, especially when it came to the security of Muslims.

"Ultimately if we cannot get any solutions from this government we will have to get foreign help for protection of minorities and for the survival of the community" he had said.

This statement has now drawn the attention of the security establishments of Sri Lanka as it could also be construed as a direct call for foreign intervention.

A leader of the Thawheed Jamaath organization was prosecuted a few months ago for making a derogatory statement on Buddha, hurting the sentiments of the Sinhala-Buddhist community of the country. The court ordered the Thawheed Jamaath organization to tender an apology to the Buddhist religious leaders for making the derogatory statement.

Several Sinhala Buddhist organizations have dubbed ‘Thawheed Jamaath’ as a terrorist organization who are directly supporting Islamic extremism. However, Thawheed Jamaath has flatly denied such allegations saying they do not support any kind of terrorism.

“Thawheed Jamaath is a very dangerous organization, and very responsibly we can say that they have received weapons training and have links to Tamil Nadu. Moreover these organizations could be used by those who want to destabilize and divide this country,” BBS General Secretary Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera said in a media interview last month.

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