Champika’s Facebook Profile And Fan Page Blocked

Technology And Research Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka told media that his official Facebook profile and fan page have been blocked without any reason or prior notification.

When the Minister lodged a complaint, the Facebook administrative panel had said that they would look into the situation and inform via an email.

Minster Ranawaka claims that there were over 21000 followers on his fan page. He also added that he came across five fake Facebook accounts and fan pages under his name and carrying out deceitful misleading information to the public.

“I find this act utterly shameful and sheepish, I will investigate into the matter and reveal the forces behind these misleading acts. I have obtained the links to these fake profiles and I will take action against whoever is behind”, he said.

The Minister also said that in a country that practices democracy, these sort of acts which neglect the amendment rights of a citizen are utterly shameful. He also said that a well organized party is behind this effort.

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