Scottish Police Arrest SL Cyclists Practicing For Commonwealth Games On Motorway


Police on Wednesday pulled over four cyclists from Sri Lanka's Commonwealth Games team after spotting them riding on the M74, one of Scotland's busiest motorways,.

The four cyclists were arrested on the M74 at Junction 6 at around 11.55am yesterday.

A police spokeswoman has told AFP "Police attended. Advice and assistance was given and the cyclists were advised to get off the road."

The spokeswoman confirmed they were from the Sri Lankan team and said the cycles were loaded on to a team vehicle and they left the area, close to the Strathclyde park that will host the triathlon.

Olympic triathlon champion Alistair Brownlee made a remark on Twitter by saying "The Sri Lankan cycling team cruising down the M74, lovely spot for a bike ride", along with a photo of the four cyclists.

The same scenario took place during the Manchester Games in 2002 when two competitors from Kenya travelled 17 miles down the M61 before being pulled over by police near Bolton.



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