Anura Bashes India – “North And East Have Been Swallowed By Indian Govt”

Leader of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Anura Kumara Dissanayake has told that India has invaded the North-East regions of the country and “swallowed” a substantial quantity of the Sri Lanka’s economy.

The parliamentarian said that India has penetrated into almost all the large scale projects going on in Sri Lanka.  He also added that the pharmaceutical market, automobile sector and a large portion of the North-East have been swallowed by India.

The JVP Leader made these remarks at the meeting held in the Arundathee Hotel in Vavuniya while introducing the JVP’s ‘Ape Dakma’ manifesto to the people of the North. He added that the Tamils in the North cannot expect any justice from the Indian government.

“Innocent Tamil people of Sampur have been chased into rehabilitation camps in Trincomalee and their lands have been given to India. The contract of the Northern railway has been given to India and important projects such as the refurbishment of the Kankasanthura harbor have been handled by India. With acts like these we are blindly handing over our country to our neighbour”, he said.

He lashed out at Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram saying did not have any real concern towards the Tamil people of the North. “Why does she keep insisting on ripping out the fishing routes from the innocent Tamil people of the North?”, he asked.

The parliamentarian accused the weeping politicians of Tamil Nadu of having ulterior motives towards Sri Lanka.

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