Weerawansa's Party Threatens To Ditch UPFA At Uva Election

The Jathika Nidahas Peramuna (NFF) today said it would not contest with the UPFA for the Uva Provincial Council election if the ruling party gave nomination to the former NFF Provincial Councilor who obtained SLFP membership.

Speaking to media today, Pathma Udaya Shantha Gunasekera, NFF Moneragala District leader said he would not contest under the UPFA ticket if the ruling party granted nomination to the member who crossed over.

Gunasekera added that the SLFP had violated the agreement between the two parties by giving SLFP membership to the former Provincial Councilor who was facing a disciplinary inquiry.

“This wasn’t the first time that the UPFA did not honour the agreement between the two parties,” Gunasekera said today. He added that the NFF was disappointed with the “two-penny” behavior of some leaders of the UPFA.

Two NFF stalwarts representing the Uva Provincial Council namely Mihimal Munasinghe and W. Udaya Kumara left the party in May and joined the two mainstream parties. Munasinghe joined the United National Party while Udaya Kumara joined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party ahead of the Uva Provincial Council election.

The move came just a day after the National Freedom Front skipped the vote on the no-confidence motion presented by the UNP against the government.


UNP sources told Asian Mirror that Munasinghe will contest the Uva Provincial Council election under the UNP ticket.

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