Champika Opens New Facebook Page Despite Ban

Technology and Research Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka has opened a new  Facebook account and a fan page after his former account and fan page were deactivated.

 The Minister received a reply to his complaint from the Facebook administration saying that the identification number of his parliamentary ID and his older accounts verification ID number did not match.

Minister Ranawaka said that he started a new fan page attached to the new account, but the new page was only able to get around 1500 likes.

Minster Ranawaka claims that there were over 21000 followers on his former fan page. He also added that he came across five fake Facebook accounts and fan pages under his name and carrying out deceitful misleading information to the public.

When his former Facebook account and fan page got blocked, he made a statement to media saying that there is a well organized force behind this act. He also made a promise that he will investigate and eventually reveal the culprit behind this.

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