Samsung Galaxy S4 Catches Fire Under Girl's Pillow

Ariel Tolfree a13-year-old Texas girl was recently awoken by a smoldering Samsung cell phone under her pillow'.

Ariel Tolfree told International media that she placed her Samsung Galaxy S4 under her pillow as she fell asleep. Later that night, she smelled something burning.

“I didn’t think much of it, so I went back to sleep and then I woke up again and it was more prominent,” Tolfree said.

Tolfree’s father believes the phone overheated, causing the battery to swell and ignite a small fire.

A spokesperson for Samsung told International media that the battery inside the phone was a replacement unit and not an original Samsung battery.

Samsung’s “COMMON PHONE” battery warning states: “Do not use incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers. Some websites and second-hand dealers not associated with reputable manufacturers and carriers, might be selling incompatible or even counterfeit batteries and chargers. Consumers should purchase manufacturer or carrier-recommended products and accessories. If unsure about whether a replacement battery or charger is compatible, contact the manufacturer of the battery or charger.”

A warning can also be found inside the phone’s manual which states covering the device with bedding or other material could restrict airflow and cause a fire : “Covering the device with bedding, your body, thick clothing or any other materials that significantly affect air flow may affect the performance of the phone and poses a possible risk of fire or explosion, which could lead to serious bodily injuries or damage to property.”

Samsung said they take any instance of a battery fire “very seriously” and requested for the phone to be mailed to them for a full investigation. The company has offered to replace the phone, the bedding, the mattress and pillow.



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