President's Damning Revelation: 'Mohan Peiris Came To Meet Me Twice And Pleaded not To Remove Him From CJ Post'

In a major turn of events, President Maithripala Sirisena revealed that former Chief Justice Mohan Peiris pleaded not to remove him from the post of Chief Justice. 

"He came to meet me twice and pleaded not to remove him from the post," Sirisena said, addressing a meeting in Warakapola yesterday. 

The President said the first  meeting happened a day after his inauguration.

"He also promised to deliver verdicts in favor of the government if we kept him in the post."

"Then I realised how he worked under the previous government," he added. 

"It was at this point," Sirisena said, "that I decided to remove him from the position." 

The President said it was he first time he used powers of the Executive Presidency. 

The President, soon after his ascension to power, removed Peiris from the top post of the judiciary citing irregularities in the latter's appointment. 

He reinstated Peiris' predecessor Shirani Bandaranaike in the post of Chief Justice and upon her resignation, appointed K. Sri Pavan as the head of the judiciary.



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