Hanwella Becomes Another Rathupaswala - Angry Protesters Block High-Level Road

Hanwella is turning out to be another Rathupaswala with villagers launching a series of protests demanding the relocation of a rubber factory in the area as it is polluting water sources. 

 A large number of protesters blocked the High-level road this morning demanding an immediate solution, strongly resembling the protesters in Rathupaswala, Weliweriya who launched a similar campaign several months ago.  

Meanwhile, Prasad Siriwardena, OIC of Borella Police who was in Hanwella this morning (16) died due to fatal injuries he received when a tree cut down by angry protesters fell over his body.

Police, however, used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters who blocked the High-level road. Police sources told 'Asian Mirror' that 20 people have been  taken into Police custody.

Protesters charge that the rubber factory has polluted water sources in the area, making them unsuitable for drinking. They also assert that this has affected agriculture in the area.

He added that politicians, who are in the hands of businessmen, do not want to offer a strong and lasting solution to the problem. Final solution, they demand, should not fall short of relocation of the factory! 

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