Sri Lankan Couple Arrested For Passport Tampering

The Fraud Investigation Bureau in Colombo arrested a married couple yesterday for passport tampering and for interpreting deceptive details on their documents.

The couple had applied for the UK visa and has tried to cover up the previous rejection stamps from their passports. The applicants were referred by the UK Visas and Immigration to Fraud Investigations Bureau police in Colombo where they detected the fraud and took them under their custody.

With this a ten year ‘No international travel’ ban will be implemented and they will be prosecuted by the Sri Lankan authorities for Passport tampering and providing falsified information to the state.

The deception was detected by the trained officials of the UK Visas and Immigration Department who conduct extensive checks on documents submitted with visa applications.

Commenting on this incident, UK Visas and Immigration Operations Manager Tony Williams told the United Kingdom will not tolerate passport fraud and misinterpretation and that they expect the Sri Lankan authorities to take severe action against the couple.

In the recent past there were many known instances where Sri Lankans were arrested in foreign countries for running forgery rackets. The recent arrest of 4 Tamils in India for running  ATM scams and money forgery.

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