Daya Artfully Dodges Query On Uva Election

UNP National Organizer Daya Gamage has been unable to give a direct answer to a question regarding some media reports on a statement said to be made by MP Harin Fernando. When questioned by a national newspaper, he has beaten around the bush, giving ‘geography lessons’ instead.

It had been reported that Fernando, UNP’s would be Chief Ministerial candidate in the Uva Province, has demanded that Party National Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, Leadership Council Chairman Karu Jayasuriya and Sajith Premadasa should appear in the same stage at election rallies.

In an interview published on Rivira Saturday Edition, Gamage has artfully dodged the question and was not able to clearly verify if Harin Fernando had made such a demand.

“Badulla and Moneragala are large districts, unlike Colombo. It takes hours to go from place to place. Unlike the government we do not have helicopters to take people to rallies. So, we try to bring everyone to the same stage. But all of them will not have a chance to share the stage at the same time” he said.

“There were media reports that MP Harin Fernando had asked for all of them to be on the same platform. His intention is also to get everyone together to defeat the Rajapaksa government. The party is united on that ground.” Gamage has further stated.

He further mentioned that in a Provincial Council Election, grass root level organization was far more important than big rallies.

Gamage also has said that more than five former Parliamentarians will contest the Uva polls from UNP ticket.

Meanwhile, he has hinted that he will be contesting the next General Election from Colombo District.

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