Sri Lankans Arrested While Trying To Illegally Enter Texas

A group containing nationals from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka who were trying to cross the Mexico-Texas border have been caught by the Texas border patrol according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC).

A spokesman from the NBPC told international media that “One group of our agents apprehended individuals from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka”.

According to the border patrol the group crossed into the Rio Grande Valley sector from Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The NBPC spokesperson has also told that it is unusual and infrequent for illegal aliens from these nations to appear in the Rio Grande Valley sector.

According to the US authorities the receptive governments will be notified and the action taken against these immigrants will be decided after that.

In the recent times the crimes by Sri Lankan immigrants have taken a spurt and the Sri Lankan government says that they are on high alert regarding the situation.

(With inputs from Breitbart)

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