Ranil Wants Mustard Seeds From A Govt. Henchman Who Didn’t Earn "Illegal" Money

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday challenged the people of Sri Lanka to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a government henchman who did not earn money illegally from government contracts.

Addressing a public meeting in Laggala, the Opposition Leader added that bribery and corruption has now become the trademark of the present government.

Criticizing the road development projects conducted by the government, the opposition leader said the present administration is keen on developing road as it creates opportunities to government henchmen to earn money through illegal channels.

“The government has constructed an international harbor and an airport in the district of Hambanthota. It also constructed a cricket ground in Sooriyaweva. City beautification projects are underway in Colombo. There are beautification projects around Diyawanna Lake. So why aren’t they allocating money for farmers? “the opposition leader questioned.

He also added that those who lost lands due to Moiragahakanda projects have still not received lands from the government.

“Farmers are nnow trapped in a debt-trap. But, the henchmen of the government are earning colossal amounts of money through various projects. While doing that, they are also increasing taxes on a daily basis to burden the common public,” the opposition leader charged.


He also said that the government was planning to hold a Presidential Election and the United National Party, as the main opposition, was ready to take up the challenge. 

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