Future Prime Minister's Son Threatens To Shoot UNP Councilor During Roy-Tho Big Match Brawl

A ministerial son, who openly claims that his father would be the next Prime Minister of the country, has brandished a weapon and threatened a young councilor of the Dehiwala - Mount Lavinia Municipal Council. 

 The incident had taken place at a famous pub in Colombo 07 on the night of the 135th Royal Thomian big match. The young UNP Municipal Councilor is an old Thomian and the Ministerial son is a Royalist! 

Following the brawl, the UNP Councilor had informed the Police Emergency Unit  about the incident.
However, it is learnt that the two parties had made peace in the end with the intervention of several mutual friends and agreed to keep the incident under wraps. What is noteworthy is that the farther of the ministerial son proudly calls himself as a 'farmer' who hails from a poverty-stricken area in the North Central Province. 
Last year, the same ministerial son along with a group of his friends assaulted the son of a senior Police officer at Malu Malu holiday resort in Pasukuda when the latter tried to prevent them from taking pictures of his wife. 
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