'Hulugalle Is Guilt-Free': Sudharma Speaks Up

Sudharma Nethicumara, wife of Salaka Group Chairman Gamini Nethicumara, speaking to media first time after the Lakshman Hulugalle controversy said, former Director of MCNS Lakshman Hulugalle did not have any connection whatsoever with 'Salaka Casino'. 

 In an interview with our sister online publication 'LFN', Sudharma Nethicumara said Hulugalle did not have any authority to transfer Police officers at will. She also added that transfers had already been given to those Police officers even before they conducted the raid on 'Salaka Casino'. 

When asked about the allegations made by her husband that she had an affair with the former Director of MCNS, Sudharma Nethicumara she did not want to respond to such statement. " My upbringing is different. I don't want to stoop so low. Although I have many things to say, I am restricted by my own values and ethics," she said.

Nethicumara said she did not want to take legal action against what she termed as slanderous stories as it would be an "utter waste of time". 

"Why is media so engrossed in our family problems? I can't understand that. I kindly request media to focus on matters that are of national and social interest. However, I've never done anything wrong. So I have no reason to be afraid of any thing," she asserted.


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