Arjuna Reveals All: "Charlie Austin Has To Be Investigated: Gamblers Making All Important Decisions"

Former Sri Lankan captain Minister Arjuna Ranatunga lashed out at the 'good governance' government for allowing 'unwanted people' to enter into cricket administration. 

"Under the Rajapaksa government, former Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage took measures to keep unwanted people away from the cricket administration. Today, under the government I represent, some gamblers and those running bookies have become cricket administrators," Ranatunga said, speaking to media, at his ministry. 

"Their cricket administration and selectors have destroyed so many young players. They want cricketers to be like broiler chicken. They want to show immediate results. In their rush, they don't bother about protecting young players who are capable of being match winners for Sri Lanka." 

Ranatunga also said there was a "Mafia" of player agents running the internal affairs of Sri Lanka cricket. 

"Former senior players are responsible for introducing these agents to Sri Lanka's cricket. They forced young players to sign agreements with these agents. They still influence important decisions made by the cricket administration. This is the reason for our downfall today," the world cup winning captain lamented. 

"I am not afraid to mention Charlie Austin's name. This person has to be investigated. He is making millions of money. I don't know whether they're paying taxes properly," Ranatunga said. 

"If I become the President of Sri Lanka cricket, I will ban these agents. They destroy the spirit of the game." 

"Today, the players have become cricket authorities. Cricket authorities are trying to the job of players. It is a pathetic situation!"

Ranatunga stressed the President and the Sports Minister should take lead in resolving the issues relating to the country's cricket administration. 

"I am willing to help them whenever they want. I know how to deal with these problems," he said. 

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