BASL Takes Pictures Of Upul Jayasuriya's "Followers"

Giving a new twist to the controversy involving "followers" of Bar Association President Upul Jayasuriya, the BASL said today that an unidentified person had come to the office of the BASL President and had been waiting for him on July 31.

Minutes later they fled away in an unregistered vehicle that was parked near Viharamahadevi Park.


The BASL announced that it was followed by another incident where three men in civilian clothes were waiting outside Jayasuriya’s office around 5 pm, allegedly waiting for the motorcade of the the President.

However, the BASL maintained that it was contradicted by the Superintendent of Police in charge of the SIA who has informed Jayasuriya that they were waiting outside to conduct “security surveillance” for the BASL President.

The BASL also released a photograph of three men in plain clothes who were waiting outside Jayasuriya’s office.

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