Journalist In Vavuniya Receives Death Threats

A journalist in Vavuniya has lodged a complaint with the Vavuniya police station claiming that he had received death threats via phone calls.

Navarathinam Kapilanath a journalist in Vavuniya on Saturday night had received warnings saying that he would be killed.

Kapilanath has told that the caller said "You do not know us. Do you not wish to live after complaining about us to the police," after he threatened to inform the police.

Kapilnath has told the police that the calls were made from two different phones and that he failed to recognize the numbers or the caller.

Navarathinam Kapilanath is also the deputy leader of the Vanni Journalists' Club.

The Vavuniya police have obtained the two telephone numbers and has started the initial investigation to the incident.

Global Tamil News has reported that Navarathinam Kapilanath was intimidated at the time when, recently he raised his supportive voice with his fellow journalists for the journalists who were detained at Omanthai Police Station and he attended the protest staged at Jaffna.

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