"I Am Hurt": Ravi K Expresses Disappointment At The Tone Of Questioning

Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake, who appeared before the Presidential Commission to inquire into the Treasury Bonds issue, said he was hurt by the attempts to assassinate his character.

"We came to power to bring about good governance. That's how we have conducted ourselves. That's why I am hurt," the Foreign Minister, who was the Finance Minister at the time of the Treasury Bonds issue, said while speaking to media after the Commission's proceedings.

"I can accepting the piercing of the enemy's arrow. But, the pin pricking of the friends is much more hurtful," Karunanayake said.

"I am proud to come here to give a statement to the commission. This was unimaginable under the previous government. Today, the Attorney General's Department can ask questions from a senior minister of the government."

The Foreign Minister also added that he was hurt by the tone of the AG Department's officers' questioning.

"My family is doing business. I am doing my work. There is no connection between them. They are questioning in an attempt to create a connection between the two," the Minister explained.

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