Arjuna Aloysius "Missing" At The Moment: CID Intensifies Search: Has Not Left The Country Using Australian Or Sri Lankan Passports

It has now been revealed that Arjuna Aloysius, owner of Perpetual Treasuries, has not left the country using either of his passports. 
The Attorney General's Department told the Presidential Commission on bond issue this morning that Aloysius possessed two passports - one Australia and the other, Sri Lankan. 
The passport numbers too were previously obtained by the CID to prevent Aloysius from leaving the country while the investigations are underway. 
With the CID confirming that Aloysius has not left the country, the investigators have intensified their search for the controversial businessman. 
When the CID visited his house this morning, they were informed that the 33-year-old businessman was not at home. 
They were also told that Aloysius, also the owner of Janayugaya newspapers, was not contactable. 
Therefore, according to highly placed sources from the AG's Department, the businessman remains "missing" at the moment. 
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