Teacher Who Was Forced To Kneel Down By UPFA Politico Gets Threatening Letter

The school teacher in Nawagattegama who was forced to kneel down by a UPFA politician today received a letter threatening to kill her.  

The person who sent the letter has threatened to rape and hang her- just like they killed a witness in the court case.

Person who sent the letter has said “there is no point informing the police because I have ministers in my pocket.”

Ananda Sarath Kumara a former UPFA Councilor of the North Western Provincial Council was prosecuted in the courts regarding the incident.  

 Susila Herath the teacher who was in charge of discipline in the school had advised the Provincial Councilor’s daughter regarding an issue about her school uniform which prompted the councilor to visit the school and harass the teacher. 

The body of Rajakaruna Abeyratne Mudiyanselage Punyasoma Bandara who was a key witness in the trial against the former Provincial Council Member was found dead in an abandoned well.

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