Uva Province Preference Numbers Today And Tomorrow

Preferential numbers will be given to the candidates who contest for the Uva Provincial Council today (11) and tomorrow, deputy Elections Commissioner M.M. Mohammed stated.

He mentioned that the preferential numbers in the Moneragala District have already been assigned and work was in progress in Badulla District as well.

A total of 294 candidates from 10 political parties and four independent groups will be contesting for the Uva Provincial Council election from Badulla District. The District will elect 18 members. Meanwhile, 323 candidates from 12 political parties and seven independent groups contest in the Moneragala District, which will elect 14 members. The election will be held on September 20.

Uva Provincial Council has 34 members including the two bonus seats. The UPFA won 25 seats in the 2009 PC Election while UNP won 7 seats. The Up Country People’s Front and the JVP had one seat each.


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