Senior DIG Says 27 Intelligence Officers Are Behind BASL President

Senior DIG Anura Senanayake today said before Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya that he would take the full responsibility for the security of Upul Jayasooriya, President of the Sri Lanka Bar Association.

He also added that 27 intelligence officers have been deployed to ensure his security. The senior Police officer informed the court that they were operating in civil clothes, without revealing their identity.

However, lawyers who appeared on behalf of Jayasuriya told that the Police should reveal their identity to clear misunderstandings over the matter. Responding to their request, Senior DIG said he would take measures to inform the BASL President of the identity of the intelligence officers.

The Police officer further said he had sought permission from the Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Order to provide personal security for Upul Jayasooriya.

Speaking on the progress of the investigations, Senanayake said the Police had obtained the CCTV footage of the unidentified followers who came behind the BASL President’s vehicle in a motorbike. He added that the investigation teams are yet to establish the identity of the followers.


However, the Police officer also said that he distanced himself from the inquiry due to personal reasons. “The BASL President had previously said he did not trust me. Therefore I decided to distance myself from the investigations,” Senanayake added. 

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