'I Would Rather Trust Ranil's One Word Over Seven Papers Signed By Sirisena:' MR Turns Down SLFP Offers

February 14, 2018

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa last night had ridiculed a group of SLFP seniors who visited his residence to offer a 'truce' to work together in Local Government bodies. 

"I would rather trust Ranil's one word over seven papers signed by Sirisena. I won't trust his promises," ( Ranilge kata wachane mata wishwasayi, eth Sirisena kola hathaka liwwath mata wishwasa nehe) Rajapaksa had said, turning down the offer by the SLFP seniors who are now in a desperate situation following the defeat at the Local Government election. 

The SLFP seniors, Asian Mirror learns, had not talked about the truce further, after the former President expressed his opinion on President Sirisena, his former General Secretary.

Sources close to Rajapaksa said the latter was unlikely to accept such deals as a sizable proportion of LG members got elected from the UPFA might cross over to the Podujana Peramuna(SLPP). 

"They cannot hold their members together. They are shell-shocked after the defeat. Most of them will join the SLPP when councils start functioning," a prominent Joint Opposition MP told Asian Mirror.

It is also learnt that group of MPs representing the SLFP are currently holding discussions with the Joint Opposition for a major crossover in Parliament. 

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