Opposition Leader "Trolled" By Fake Twitter Profile

Just days after opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe launched his official Twitter account, a fake profile has also been created by some group under the same name with the objective of 'trolling' Wickremesinghe's Twitter posts. 

The fake profile posts very un-Ranil-Wickremesinghe-like Twitter updates, sometimes mocking the political activities of the opposition leader. Some of the Twitter updates it has posted are as follows, 

"Good morning, #SriLanka. Woke up determined today. I want to do something worthwhile today. Going to sweep my house. Busy day ahead. #UNP"
"Woke up suddenly. Have nothing to do. Feel so empty. I think I wouldn't feel this, if I were in Temple Trees. #RanilForPresidency#UNP#LKA"
"I asked Maitree whether I can do the same. She is saying people won't want to take photos with me. I doubt whether she votes for me. :'("
"Should I go to Mahela's farewell test? I'm not interested in cricket, but @PresRajapaksa's cricket tweets get a lot of RTs. #SLVPAK#LKA"
"This fake profile has been launched parallel to the official Twitter account of Ranil Wickremesinghe which was launched in a brief ceremony in Colombo. "
When contacted by Asian Mirror, a spokesman of the party said he was not aware of the fake Twitter account of Ranil Wickremesinghe. 
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